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Cosmetics and Makeup for beauty conscious women
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Our professional makeup artists have created a line of quality cosmetics, skin care and makeup brushes. 

Makeup Brushes, Makeup Kits

Working with experts in each of these fields of skin care, cosmetics, makeup brushes, and makeup kits, PROFACES offers makeovers, makeup tips, skin care analysis, and answers your cosmetics and skin care questions.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is velvety to the touch, and lasts all day. We sell the classic neutral matte colors, separately and in innovative makeup kits that are customizable and are thin, durable and make it convenient and easy to travel with. 

Liquid Foundation, Powder Foundations

Along with our liquid to powder foundations and our lipsticks PROFACES is getting rave reviews from models, celebrities and everyone who has tried our products.

Makeup Brushes

In addition to fine cosmetics and skin care products, we also carry the finest makeup brushes available. 

Our makeup brushes are designed by professional makeup artists and hand made by craftsmen using the finest materials. 

Our makeup brushes work in concert with our velvety eye and face makeup to give you a highly refined and glamorous look.

Professional Makeup and Cosmetics:

We bring you quality cosmetics, liquid and powder make up foundations, lipsticks, makeup brushes, customizable makeup kits. 

Working with professional makeup artists, dermatologists and aestheticians we bring you the finest quality cosmetics and accessories from all over the world.



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